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What is the Chamber of Engineers?
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What we do!

What we do!

The arbitration committee, the court of professional conduct and the high court of professional conduct are responsible for protecting professional interests as well as for fulfilling professional duties and obligations.

The main focus of the voluntary activities in committees and expert committees is on tasks related to the profession:

  • further training organised by the Education Committee
  • assistance in remuneration matters by the Remuneration Committee
  • examining violations of competition law by the Competition Committee
  • special events organised by the Committee for Occupational Health and Safety
  • out-of-court settlement of disputes by the Arbitration Committee
The Chamber of Engineers fulfils numerous sovereign regulatory tasks for the purpose of protecting the title "Consulting Engineer", and for consumer protection. This includes, among others, the maintenance of lists and registers:
  • List of Consulting Engineers
  • List of members
  • List of engineers authorised to present building documents
  • List of engineers authorised to assess the stability of buildings
  • Register of companies with Consulting Engineers
  • List of professional liability insurances
  • Register of publicly appointed and sworn experts
  • List of prospects for students
The Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Engineers considers itself a service provider for its members and offers a variety of services:
  • representation of professional interests in society and politics, even at federal level, through membership in the Federal Chamber of Engineers
  • Deutsches Ingenieurblatt (German Engineering Magazine) with country-specific supplement
  • information and competence brochures
  • membership in the Committee of Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for the Fee Schedule [Ausschuss der Verbände und Kammern der Ingenieure und Architekten für die Honorarordnung e.V. (AHO)]
  • membership in the German Institute for Expert Assessments [Institut für Sachverständigenwesen (IfS)]
  • membership in the Association of Liberal Professions [Landesverband der Freien Berufe]
  • development of future strategies
  • member in the Saxony-Anhalt Council of Engineers
  • cooperation with chambers, universities, engineering organisations and associations
  • expert opinions
  • counselling for business start-up
  • expert search via the Internet portal
  • foreign market development
  • benefits thanks to framework and cooperation agreements
  • presentation of engineering services on trade fairs and exhibitions